Paris, France

The Lourve Musée Done Right

Paris finally reopened on May 19th, well partially reopened. So, naturally we expats made a long awaited trip to the Lourve. Although the new restricts prevented us from being able to buy food at any of the cafés or restaurants we split a Kinder bar and pushed through 4 hours to see much of what the museum had to offer. 

The first thing we rushed to see was the "Mona Lisa". It is a much smaller painting and I can check it off my bucket list. We had no wait to see her, as we arrived at 10am when the museum first openedd.

Due to Covid-19 the museum was virtually empty, especially when we moved past the lower levels and famous works of art. I would suggest that you pack snacks to eat in the designated areas of the museum. It is a lot to see and you will need a break to rest and refuel. 

By Kandice