Paris, France

Bonjour Paris!

It is with a weighty heart that I leave New York City, the city of my dreams. I truly love New York City, and all it has to offer. However, after 2 years of searching for my next career move, I have made the decision to return to graduate school. More importantly return to the fashion industry, even more specifically, the luxury sector. (Read long hours with little pay.)

I originally left the fashion industry because I was tired of jockeying for positions and proving my worth. Now, Iooking back and realize I was simply fighting for the wrong position. But it took removing myself from the industry I love to find out what position was right for me.

The brief stint in the fashion industry reintroduced me to the job title of Art Director. I first came across this title while looking at a masthead of Seventeen magazine when I was bout 14 years old.  I wasn’t sure what exactly the position entailed did but I knew I wanted it. 

Due to short staffing, my role of a social media coordinator morphed into a multi-faceted creative role that allowed me to explore photography, videography, art direction, retouching, copywriting, analytics, producing, and even experiential marketing. I mean I pitched, curated and installed a Beautyconbooth! But I am ready for more and I am off to Paris!

By Kandice