Paris, France

Let's Go To The Opera

Imagine the most ornate, goudy, and elaborate dress you have ever seen. Multiply that to ever square corner of the biggest room you can think of and boom, you have the Paris Opera House. This place is so ridiculous and beautiful, it left me at a loss of words. (Which is no simple feat). 

I was able to tour this building virtually lone, due to the global pandemic and a travel ban. I must admit it was 100xs better than being surrounded by tourist. The first time I saw this building while riding the bus I knew I had to return. The golden women perched at the tops of the roof stick out against the grey Parisian skies. 

The golden interior is mind blowing. There is no way for me to wrap my head around the idea that someone designed and built these intricate and detailed facades. 

If you happen to be in Pairs wake up super early and visit the Paris Opera House. You will not be disappointed.

By Kandice