Marrakesh, Morocco

What to Wear in Morocco

Let me start by saying you can wear whatever you want in Morocco with that being said how you dress will determine how the locals treat you. Morocco is an Islamic state and the locals have become accustomed to the warmer weather. They often can be found in puffer jackets and vests in the middle of an 80°+ day. You will stand out as a tourist unless you are of middle eastern/ Arabic descent. They having tourist honing radar on their noses. Sike, you'll probably just end up getting in their way and they'll know you are not from around town.

Morocco is a busy and sassy place that is full of life and culture. I did not observe public transportation systems when I went, this does not mean they do not exist, which means a lot of walking. I would suggest packing comfortable denim and walking shoes or boots. Roads are paved but a trip into the desert tinted my perfectly white PUMAs, so be mindful of the activities you will be doing.

There will be a million places for photo ops and you should dress in things that make you feel good because you will want to show everyone your photos when you return home.  

Suggested Packing List:
  1. Good Denim Pants
  2. Older Denim Pants (For sporting activities)
  3. Maxi Dress
  4. Lightweight Jacket
  5. Walking Shoes
  6. Head/ Shoulder Scarf
  7. Crossbody Purse
  8. Oversized Sweater
  9. Sunglasses
  10. 2-3 Tee Shirts 
  11. Tank Top
  12. Sport
  13. Sports Bra (For sporting activities)

By Kandice