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Easy D.I.Y. Kimono

So, you want to know how to make this super easy kimono using only 1 yard of fabric? Well, you're in luck.

1 Yard of Body Fabric
1/4" Contrasting Fabric
Matching Thread
Sewing Machine
Measuring tape/ Ruler

Step 1
Layout and measure fabric. (Make sure the fabric is evenly cut by aligning fabric grains.) If you are using a guide garment, lay it on top of the folded and measured fabric.

Step 2 
Pin outline of the desired shape. I have included the measurements of my garment below. This is for a size US 4-6 or Medium. You can have fun and let your mind go crazy. Make super long sleeves by adding length. Or have a dramatic kimono by adding length to the bottom hem.

Step 3
Measure twice cut once. Cut out around your pieces once you are sure the measurements are right.

Step 4
Sew each of the contracting sleeve pieces to the sleeve of the body. There should be four pieces, two for the front and two for the back. Hem the sleeve by turning back the raw edge 1/2".

Step 5
Sew the front body and back body together at the shoulder and side seams. If you want to add slits, simply roll your hem back to the desired height. Hem the slits then sew the rest of the side seam for a clean finish.

Step 6 
Attach the contrasting neck facing to the body of the garment. Clean finish the neck by folding back 1/2" seam allowance on the raw edge, pin in place from the outside of the garment. Stitch in the ditch on the front of the garment.

Step 7
Hem the kimono body by folding up the raw edge 1/2".

**Be sure to press your seams open as you go for a professional finish.

Check out this easy to follow Youtube Tutorial on my channel for more help.

By Kandice