Madrid, Spain

What To Wear When Visiting Spain

Trigger Warning!
You can wear just about anything. It is Europe after all, I found that Europe is much like America in the sense of casual dressing. There are a few dead giveaways that tell others, you are a tourist, such as white sneakers, extra short shorts, wearing brand new clothes, coupled with large amounts of picture taking.

The best way to fit in is to have a relaxed and easy, but yet, sophisticated air about yourself. Most Europeans have an effortlessly chic quality about them. I think, that this comes from the way they invest less in fast fashion and more in quality pieces, that they can wear over and over season after season.

When you're packing your bag think about classic staple items that will perform in any atmosphere, against any background and you're good to go. I opted for a striped capris romper and a scarf just because it was super easy to pack and it was lightweight enough for the hot weather yet thick enough for the Spring breeze.

Things that you can add to your packing list include:
White button-up
Pair of classic cut jeans
Brown tan or nude walking shoes or boots
Matching belt
White tee-shirt
Cardigan sweater
Sun hat
Lightweight scarf
Cross body purse
Any kind of gold accessories will also add to your outfit, rings, and earrings necklaces and bracelets all perfectly dainty.

By Kandice