New York, NY

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With everything that's going on, I have had to sit back and take an inventory of what is important in life. This COVID-19 pandemic has swept the world and left many in a place of uncertainty. A lot of us have had a lot of time to do some soul-searching. And I feel like that is one of the most amazing things that will emerge from this occurrence.

Taking time to not only get to know yourself but seriously assess your strengths and weaknesses give you only room to grow. I have a been committed to working out and staying active and honestly have not felt this great in a long time. I have also been using all of my downtime these past two weeks, into creating my own online business. I just launched my own presets as well as my stock photography profile, I'm super excited to see what the next two weeks hold. 

Outfit Details:
Turtle Neck: H&M
Cargo Pants: Altriza
Boots: Rainbow Shops

By Kandice