New York, NY

Thrifted Finds

Growing up I was forced to go thrift shopping with my mother. We were a middle-class family that did not place emphasis on by designer labels, or at least that’s what my mother told me. Whenever it came time for back-to-school shopping or new summer clothes, I always took a trip with her to the local Goodwills or the consignment stores or one of the many other thrift stores around the state.

I hated the smell, I hated the idea of it and I hated everything about wearing secondhand clothes.

However, as an adult and someone who has worked as a fashion designer in the industry, I know the actual cost of garment creation. As well as, the implications of the fashion industry and the environment. For these reasons I now thrift with no problem. So naturally, when it came time for me to update my fall wardrobe I knew exactly where I would be headed. To the Goodwill, Plato’s closet and any other thrift store that would have me.

As you can see in my video here, my main goal was to find dress trousers and blazers for a more mature work wardrobe. Considering that my current work wardrobe consists of graphic T-shirts and leggings.
I found a few pieces that I love and a couple that I tailored to fit my needs. Let’s start with this first outfit which consisted of: a 100% cashmere blood orange blazer ($9.99), rayon/wool blend plaid pants ($6.99) and a polyester satin and lace-trimmed top ($9). These separates combined with a few accessories I already owned created and effortlessly chic ensemble.

By Kandice