New York, NY

Empire State of Mind

The pay gap between black women and white men is a 65% disparity. And this year I experienced that disparity in real life when I found out that my white male coworker made significantly more for me doing the same exact job. Actually, he did a lot less because I had to train him when he was hired. (Oh yea I was also the one to weed through the resumes and post the job, hello HR)

So, when it came time for him to quit because he found a better opportunity, that made even more money, he pushed me to ask for a raise once he found out how much less I made. I knew that this wasn’t something I would have done on my own, but I definitely knew that it something I had to do. So, I did my research, gathered my evidence, and prepared my case.

I went in to ask my boss for that raise and he said no. I proceeded to be I was honest and candid, telling him everything #risingcancer. And even advised I would begin my job search. I was given some of the money I asked for, still not the same amount as my coworker or the amount I asked for.

The whole experience taught me to:
1. know your worth 
2. ask your price 
if all else fails 
3. threaten them with a good time

Welp, I am off to apply for a few Master's degree programs. 

Outfit Details:
Hat: Rainbow Shops
Gloves: The 10 Spot/ Mad Rag
Top: Shein
Pants: The 10 Spot/ Mad Rag
Pumps: Aldo Shoes

By Kandice