New York, NY, USA

How To Ride The NYC Subway

Riding the NYC subway is easier than it seems. As a rule of thumb, each train goes either north or south or east and west. All trains are color-coordinated and grouped to make understanding the system easier. When you first step into a grimy subway station and glance at that route map it can be the most intimidating thing, ever. However, I'm here to help you learn how to ride the subway in New York City, New Yorker style.

First things first, you will need a MetroCard to ride the train. Rides are $2.75 per ride, one way. You need to visit the Metrocard machine to put money onto your card. (Newly issued cards cost $1.00 plus however much money you want to put on for the day). You can also buy a card for the month or a week.

Chances are, you will run out of money right when the next train you are trying to catch is pulling into the station. As a tip is to put money on your card after you get off your train. The next time you're trying to catch a train you already have money on your card. Turn the black strip towards you, swipe, and go onto your journey.

The MTA has help centers at many of the major transportation hubs. If you get lost or have questions it is best to ask one of the MTA employees, instead of asking someone who looks like a New Yorker, but really isn't. There is an MTA app, as well as, touchscreen kiosks in the middle of the train platforms to help. Take note, underground cell service is horrible. Try to figure out where you are going before you go underground.

Once you get on to the train there maps posted to help you understand: how many stops, what stops, what direction, and anything else you might need to know.

Riding the rails in New York City should not be intimidating. You will have the best trip ever, especially if you follow a few of these common courtesies:

1. If the train is crowded take off your book bag and hold your purse in your hand, not on your shoulder. This will help you to keep an eye on your belongings, as well as, help those who are trying to go around you to exit the train.

2. Do not try to squeeze a seat in between two people. It is just rude and we the New Yorkers don't like you touching us, so stop it.

3. Move to the middle of the train once you board. Standing by the door means you are actually willing to step out when other people are trying to get off the train.

4. Do not stare at people, like just don't do it. (This is a good opportunity to look at the maps posted and figure out where you're going.)

You know those worries you had about riding the train, fuggedaboutit.

By Kandice