Liberty State Park, NJ

Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

What is Veuve Clicquot

Veuve Clicquot is an intersection between fashion, luxury, and showmanship. Each year thousands gather to celebrate and enjoy the luxury standard in champagne and sporting events.

Need To Know

Polo Classic is a must-attend event, which it sells out automatically solidifying the simple fact that you're either there or you're not. The day starts with arrival to either the boat docks on the New York side of the bus shuttles on the New Jersey side. Be prepared to stand in line, as general admission, Rosé Garden, and Early Access tickets are separated at this point. Photo IDs and all bags are checked by security then you are loaded up and shuttle to Liberty State Park which sits right at the base of the Statue of Liberty across the Hudson River.

There are so many different photo ops, so make sure you are ready to hit every angle, but also know that the lines for the photo ops are very long. If you want to get an amazing photo, you need to be ready to stand in line for quite some time. But there is a lot of time before the match officially starts. I suggest bringing your friends and splitting up with one group finding a spot to sit and the other is standing in line for the photo ops.

Most of the seating areas are not shaded for the general admission, so be prepared to stand or sit in the sun for quite a few hours. Sunblock is readily available along with water, however, depending on the day you can get sunburnt. I most certainly did my first year.

The Polo Match

Believe it or not, there's actually a Polo Match that goes on during this event. The match is always fun to watch, especially if you're into sports or can appreciate the beauty of a thorough bread horse. During half time there is the pounding of the divots, which is yet another photo op, it's super fun to just be out with your friends dressed up and having a good time.

By Kandice