New York, NY

An All Pink Affair

Pink is obviously my favorite color. But I have never dyed my hair or worn a wig that was pink up until now. So naturally, when I got my hands on this Fuchsia wig I planned a shoot around it.

Moodboard for Inspiration:

There are quite a few spots around New York City that cater to the lover of pink. However, none are as iconic and underwhelming as Pietra Nolita located in Soho. I would be lying if I said I enjoyed this restaurant and I have never eaten the food and for good reason.

This location has risen to its celebrity status as any other Instagram model would. But upon arrival, we stood in line behind a few young Instagramers, who were also taking photos at this location. As we were standing in line a staff member comes out and announcing to no-one and everyone, at the same time, that the two young ladies with him were next.

This would not have been a problem except we were the only ones in line and he refused to actually acknowledge my friend and I. The young ladies instantly look at us and begged forgiveness for his rudeness. We exchanged mutual understandings and of course, gassed and supported their photo session.

However, the staff member was told of his rudeness which he offered some half-hearted and fully BS excuse. Which left me wondering in how many ways have we as a society excused manners in the exchange of “doing it for the ‘gram”.

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Mad Rag
Purse: Easy Pickin's
Boots: Rainbow Shops

By Kandice