New York, NY

A Brooklyn Babe

Brooklyn is one of those places that you love to hate and hate to love. There are far too many people who have "discovered" the picturesque area of Brooklyn. There are many places to grab a bite to eat and if you venture further away then the Brooklyn Bridge area you will find some to die for places to eat.

But no one can argue that Brooklyn, does, in fact, have the best backdrops to take pictures. From the pre-war buildings to newly renovated warehouse loft spaces, Brooklyn has it all. And that was the inspiration for my outfit. Different textures, colors, and patterns mixed to create an ultra-feminine outfit. Leather meets lace, rhinestones, and plaid.

Outfit Details
Plaid Coat: BCBG $99.00
Satin Tank: Mad Rag/ 10 Spot $3.99
Turtle Neck: Easy Pickin's $8.99
Purse: Mad Rag/ 10 Spot $5.00
Thigh High Boots: Rainbow Shops $24.99

By Kandice