New York, NY

YSL Beauty Hotel

It's New York Fashion Week here in the Big Apple, each and every time the designers showcase their new collections, the garment district comes alive. There are far too many brand activations to count and runways shows for every type of fashion lover. I am a fashion brand huccié. I love watching all of the luxury brand shows and forecasting trends, but lately, I have been getting more into luxury makeup brands. Enter the YSL Beauty Hotel.

I recently applied for a job with YSL Beauty (didn't get it but I'll never stop trying). This has been the main reason for me to stalk them on all digital platforms, so when I saw that they were having a Pop-Up Shop in NYC for NYFW, I was in there like swimwear.

There were only a small amount of free tickets that were available to the public, to ensure that the event was exclusive. The first round went within 10-15 mins. So, I waited and refreshed the page until 6 am the next morning, and WA-LA, ultimate score.

The experience was set up to mimic a boutique hotel with five different levels of YSL rockstar glam. Everything was black with neon lighting, which made my studded leather skirt fit in even more. Selects Galleries curated the event, that showcased work by Kenneth Willardt throughout the pool/ runway space.

I have been to a few events at 214 Layfette Street and am never disappointed by this beautiful space. Each floor was slightly different. The first floor was the Lobby with a dope neon bell cart. The second floor was home to the runway suspended over the indoor pool. The main level had a blackout bedroom adjacent to the star of the show, Black Opium. The upstairs levels held all of the makeup and fragrances that boasted the luxury unique to YSL Beauty.

All in all, this was a worthy Pop-Up experience. I will be on the lookout for more luxury beauty experiences around NYC. For now, you'll just have to watch me slay this runway.

By Kandice