New York, NY

Office Ready Outfits

When I first started working my "Big Girl" job I often straddled the line between work-appropriate and fashion runway ready. I put together a short lookbook to help anyone else who might be struggling to find balance.

I must admit that I do work in more creative environments, as a designer. But the general rule of thumb for most offices is, if you can wear it to church you probably can wear it to the office. (I must also admit I go to the best church in the world, where ripped jeans are a staple, so maybe you shouldn't follow my lead). Here are the few types of outfits I came up with.

  1. All Black Everything. When you work in fashion in New York this will become your uniform. And that simply means you will always be able to find your color and it will always be in season. Black clothing allows you to mix and match seamlessly.
  2. Wrap Dresses Are Your Friend. Wrap dresses allow you to throw on one piece and run out the door. Add a jacket over a top or another dress underneath and suddenly you have a whole new look. Wrap dresses are also designed to be very slimming because of where they hit on the waist.
  3. Add a Pop of Color. Certain colors can feel too bright for the workplace, however, adding a piece that is super bright and dulling it down with neutrals or black is an easy way to make sure it is not too loud.
  4. The Party Dress. Sometimes we think we need to have a huge wardrobe with different outfits for every occasion and this simply is not true. Don't be afraid to repurpose that party dress. Add a blazer and cover up the girls and suddenly you are office chic. Monotone looks are also a great way to tone down a dress that is maybe a bit too tight. Sports bras are my best friend when I do not want to wear a full-length cami.
  5. Contrasting Shapes. Clothing is pieces of fabric cut out to cover the body, so why not have a little fun with the shapes that they create. Larger boxy garments can be great contrasting pieces to shorter or smaller pieces.
  6. Printed Pieces. Prints are also a great way to break up the boring drab colors found in an office setting. Printed pieces are great additions to your wardrobe and generally come back in style every other season.
  7. Put Your Denim on Top. Denim shirts are an easy way to dress down without looking too casual. Most offices have casual Fridays, which means you get to dress a bit more casual. You should never look like you rolled out of bed any day of the week. Just remember a good casual Friday outfit should go from day to night effortless.
No matter what you wear on any day of the week you must own it.

By Kandice