Madrid, Spain

Walking Madrid Spain

I have a running bucket list of the places I have always wanted to visit, and a walking tour of Spain was not one of them. But when I found a cheap connecting flight from JFK to RAK (Marrakech, Morocco) with a layover in MAD (Madrid), I figured what the heck! And Oh boy, I was pleasantly surprised by the sweet and subtle elegance that Madrid offered.

When I first landed in Spain the one thing I noticed was that the people were quite impatient and sometimes even rude. If you were standing in a line and someone felt as though they were more important, you guessed it, they would circumvent the line and go up to the counter. And if your Spanish was not up to their specifications, Adíos, they had better things to do. But, once I was past that little hiccup, the rest of the trip was a breeze.

The historic architecture, cheap shopping, European food and ease of navigation in the city made me feel like I was home. The historic parts of the Spanish culture could be felt in just about every detail. On every corner, there was a Yellow and Red reminder of how much Spaniards loved their home. The streets were meticulously clean and quiet. There were fountains built-in everywhere and wifi practicality on every corner.


I am a history buff, so needless to say I enjoyed the historic details that were found in the inner city squares. Every corner of Madrid seemed to be holding another story that only ghosts of the past would know.

One of the last things I noticed was the immense love of pastries and sweet treats. There were bakeries found on every block of the downtown area. There was no shortage of customers. Naturally, I had to enjoy a lightly whipped and delicately powered cake of my own. After all, it was my birthday trip.

By Kandice