New York, NY

Sriracha Style

I am still amazed at how people let me drag them around the city to find the things I see on Instagram. Usually, I find my picture-perfect places by scrolling through a cluttered feed at my work desk (don't worry it's my job to do this). So naturally, I dawned my Sriracha Sauce t-shirt and set out to some of the most Instagramable spots in NYC.

The first stop on our Instagram trek was Sézane L'Appartement New York which has this stunning display of faux flowers that stand out again the drab New York sidewalks.

The next stop was somebody's front porch in Soho. This wasn't a destination, as much as, it was a stop to charge my phone. But hey just about every corner in Soho is photo-worthy.

The last stop, which was the actual destination was Galeria Melissa New York. This gallery is attached to a shoe store, or better yet is inside of the shoe store. The design of the store is very sleek and elegant. But the real reason everyone stops in this store is for the installation gallery that is home to hundreds of iridescent hanging stars. The Galeria is the only one hosted in the United States by this Spain bases brand.

Outfit Details:
Sriracha Top: Five Below $5
Skirt: Forever 21 $8
Booties: Forever 21 $23

By Kandice