New York, NY

Golden Hour Girl

New York City is larger than life! And Golden Hour makes everything look just right, every part of the city has a different vibe and energy. I love being able to turn a corner and find a dope spot that most people walk right past, every day. On an afternoon trip through the Lower East Side to get... you guessed it, ice cream, we found a little park full of painted murals.

One side of the park is a small garden filled with super weird and colorful works of art. the other side is a concrete alleyway between two buildings, with more art splattered on each side. As an artist, I always have to stop to appreciate and document the eclectic street art of New York City.

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Forman Mills $10.00
Tank: Forever 21 $2.50
Satin Skirt: Forever 21 $7.00
Booties: Forever21 $28.00

By Kandice