Marrakesh, Morocco

A Summary of Marrakesh Morocco

I have long dreamed of exploring the souks of Morocco. So, when it became time to plan my spring birthday trip, naturally, I wanted to visit the most exotic place I could think of. And before you knew it I was the proud owner of a five-leg round trip flight to Morocco. (Sometimes saving a little bit of money means taking the long way around.)

This year I teamed up with my friend Destiny, whose birthday was only two days before mine. I proudly toted her halfway around the world for her second international trip. (Special shoutout to the friends who let their friends drag them places without any questions asked.)

We stayed in a beautiful riad in the center of the Medina district. Riad Arbre Bleu was a little bit hard for our driver to initially find when we arrived, but once he did find it we were set. Our riad was within walking distance to the Jamaâ El Fna Square, The Souks and Koutoubia.


The Riad boasts online that it is within walking distance to Majorelle Gardens. However, one should note that it was a bit difficult to locate and about a mile away, outside of the old city walls, but find it we did.  Save $20 with this link & help a sister save a little on her next trip.

Because this is a brief summary of my visit to Morocco, I would like to note that I will be writing a longer post on the "Art of the Hustle: Marrakesh Edition". Moroccans, men, and women, know how-to, and will hustle you for all of your little tourist dollars. Destiny paid 120 MAD for a detailed black henna tattoo I walked into the artisan market and paid 50 MAD for a very pretty orange henna tattoo.

My tattoo was not as detailed or delicate as hers but last about a week longer than hers. We were also hustled on our tour, souvenir shopping and dinner. We started out paying 45 MAD for a meal and by the end of the trip were paying 20 MAD for the same meal. Saying all this to say, they will gladly take your money if you let them.

Destiny and I had a marvelous time in Morocco and only had one complaint, the cat-calls. Now I live in New York City and have experienced my share of cat-calls, but the men of Marrakesh showed me something. First, they call every black girl (apparently we were the only ones around) "Obama girls" and "chocolate lady" which to me is hilarious.

What was not so funny were the "ethnic names" they decided to call us "Shanekqa and Iesha". Now there is nothing wrong with these names, my issue lies in the fact that they were calling us what they thought all black girls were called. Needless to say, even being halfway around the world stereotypes still transcend borders.. (Read my post about Traveling As A Black Woman)

Anyway, Marrakesh was beautiful and has not seen the last of me!

By Kandice