Marrakesh, Morocco

Staying at Raid Arbre Bleu ~ Marrakesh, Morocco

When booking my trip to Marrakesh I was determined to stay in one of the traditional style Moroccan homes, known as a Riad. These beautiful homes are designed around a central courtyard that serves as a common area. The design of the home amplifies the fact that Moroccans center their lives around the idea of family.

These traditional homes vary greatly in size, style, and cost; that is dependent on the amenities offered as well as the location. The Riad Arbre Bleu is the location that I chose based on the high ratings on as well as Trip Advisor. These are my must two sites to cross-reference the places I stay in. You can filter down your preferences based on a number of different things that are important to your trip.

We were whisked away by our arranged taxi driver, who we booked with our plane tickets from Ryanair. Although the driver got a little lost we were about to arrive well past midnight to our Raid. In the morning we explored the local Medina which was only a short walk away, right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Marrakech.

The owners were very helpful and nice, although French is the first language of this country, they had patience with my sad excuse of French. Each morning we were greeted with a traditional morning breakfast of nan, toast, tea, coffee, biscuits, tea, and jams. The Riad is beautiful, peaceful, and oasis right in the heart of the city.

By Kandice