New York, NY

Sweater Weather

It is officially too cold to think here in NYC, which means I can no longer get away with wearing my summer layers and pretending to be warm. When the cold weather set in I realized I did not own any sweaters, so I went on a sweater shopping spree. (Ok my budget only allowed for me to buy like 5.)

The first stop I made was an unusual one for me, TJMaxx. I usually don't shop at stores like Ross, Kohls or Marshall's (because I never find anything good) but TJMaxx is my new go-to. I had so many tops in my hand I had to make multiple trips to the dressing room.

The thing I realized is that each store I shop has a different purpose for my wardrobe. Burlington Coat Factory is where I buy shoes and purses. TJMaxx is for tops and jackets. Rainbow, Mad Rag, Strawberry, 10 Spot and Forever 21 is where I go for trendy fashion pieces and jewelry. Now If I could just find a jean spot I would be great.
Outfit Details:
Sweater - TJ Maxx $16.99
Pants - Plato's Closet $10.99
Boots - Mad Rag $29.99
Purse - Burlington Coat Factory $29.99
Sunglasses - Mad Rag $3
Necklace- Easy Pickin's $7.99

By Kandice