New York, NY

Don't Tell Peta

First things first, I absolutely love animals. I volunteered at an animal shelter for a year in my free time because of this love. But honey child, I love fur too. Some people will say you can't do both but I do.

This vintage white rabbit fur coat was given to me by my mother, and someone gave it to her. And honestly, it is the one coat no matter what temperature it is outside, keeps me warm. I love my coat. Faux fur can be an easy replacement for the real thing if you are just not into it. And that's the cool thing about fashion everything is not for everybody, but there is always something for everyone.

The only downside to fur is once it starts getting out it sheds. I am currently looking to take mine to a furrier to have it reconditioned and repaired. I might buy a black fur just so that I have a coat to match each mood.  A fur is an investment, but so is anything worth having is.

Outfit Details:
Fur Coat: Gift from my Momma
Chocker Sweather: Mandee's $10
Leather Pants: Plato's Closet $7.99
Belt: Know Know Clother $11.99
Boots: I have had them so long I don't remember.

By Kandice