New York, NY, USA

Travel Insurance... A Necessity or Annoyance?

Travel Insurance is one of those things that you don't really think about until you need it, or it's too late. I know many travelers, myself included, who typically travel without the insurance. Until recently I thought it was just to cover the cost of the trip when you changed your mind about going. Because I never change my mind about traveling I never purchased insurance.

And then three separate occasions made me second guess myself.  The first event was that the wife of a family friend was hit by a car when trying to cross the street inside of the crosswalk. Now she survived just fine but she had some serious damage done to her feet. And typically those little piggies are needed to fully enjoy an adventure. They were scheduled to go on vacation but had to postpone it.

The next occasion was a friend of mine who was traveling to Italy for another friend's wedding. A third friend failed to check the visa requirements for entrance into Italy, so her and her small daughter were left standing at customs with no possible entry. She had to return home to the states and hope the embassy would grant her a rush visa.

Lastly, another friend booked a last-minute trip to the Caribbean only to find out a family member had passed and she needed to attend the funeral. All of these separate occasions were completely unpredictable and the exact thing travel insurance grants you a buffer of.

Travel insurance covers all sorts of things: lost baggage, 24-hour assistance, emergency medical, and disaster evacuation. Although airlines offer travel insurance through my extensive research I am here to proclaim you shouldn't use it unless you are super last minute and haven't shopped around, then take it.

Many travel insurance companies offer insurance based on different needs. Those with big families or frequent travelers should invest in annual insurance. Use an insurance finder like the one here at Allianz Travelers to find a plan that works best for you. We all know how difficult it is to actually orchestrate a vacation, the last thing you want to be worried about while sipping Mai Tai's on the beach is whether or not you can get back home in case of an emergency.

By Kandice