New York, NY, USA

The Best Ice Cream Shops of NYC

If you have read a few post on my blog, you will find I have a unnatural obsession with ice cream. For this reason, I have taken the liberty to find the best ice cream shops in NYC to share with all of my fellow ice-cream-aholics.

1. Wowfulls The first time I attempted to go Wowfulls there was an hour and a half wait. I mean it was a national Ice Cream holiday but man oh man. I lasted in line for 15 minutes due to my work schedule but promised to return. And return I did, twice in one month actually.

2. Soft Swerve I happened to visit Soft Swerve on National Ice Cream Day this July. The line was outside of the tiny shop with visitors waiting for the Ube Purple Yam, Matcha Green Tea, Black Sesame and Macapuno Coconut flavors. I opted for a Ube and Macapuno Swirl on a Chocolate cone with Rainbow Jimmys.

3. Black Tap This place is the Ice Cream Mecca of NYC, well Milkshake Mecca, you say to-mato I say toma-to, a pilgrimage is still necessary. The crazy shakes are well worth the $15 and if you don't believe me just have a look at this pic.

4. Wu Kong Closed Summer of 2017 :( - This cotton candy ice cream paradise was worth every burpee I had to perform as collateral. This small storefront shop is located on the edge of Chinatown and Canal street. Don't blink because you will miss its unassuming signage. The prices are some of the cheapest I have seen in NYC and totally worth it!

Load up your soft serve or hand-churned ice cream with cereal, candy, and sprinkles!

By Kandice