New York, NY

Post 90s Kinda World

Tearaway pants and shorts are all the rage this summer. Everywhere you look someone is rocking a version of these vintage-inspired sportswear pants.  Que the Living Single Theme song "In a 90s kinda world". I would love to be a part of a reboot for Fresh Prince as "Hilary" or Living Single as "Max". I know I would nail those parts. But for now, I'll settle for these tearaway pants and mesh crop top to take me back to the 90s.

I think the best part of starting the fashion section of this blog has been the fact that I actually have always worked in and studied fashion. I love being able to recreate myself with every new look or vintage-inspired trend. But what I have found to be even more exciting is just how much fun I have styling myself into a "fashion icon".

Outfit Details:
Sports Bra- Areopostle
Mesh Top- Ebay
Pants- Mad Rag (They have no site so here are similar ones from Kikiriki)
Shoes- Cape Robbin (My favorite brand)

By Kandice