Port Murray, NJ

Orchard Lavender Farms, NJ

Last week I decided on a whim I needed to go to a Lavender Farm. After viewing so many other bloggers standing in the vast fields of purple clouds I had to see this phenomenon for myself. Unfortunately, the farms here in New Jersey are not as vast as those in the south of France but were just as sweet. As I am currently in a place of waiting for my next international trip I have been plagued hard with the travel blues. I have spent way too much time scrolling through the gorgeous feeds and had to find some for myself.

I have spent pretty much my whole summer working but every once in a while I have a day off and a need for adventure. So armed with my GPS and hopes of some new discovery I ventured out to one of New Jersey's lavender farms. This cute little farm is literally in the middle of No Man's Land, seriously I had no cell service once I stepped foot on the farm. But that simply gave me more of a reason to dance between the field of lavender and the gorgeous weeping willow trees.

The farm its self is situated in a small town outside of Port Murray called Orchard Lavender Farm. The one-lane wooden bridge leads up to the small cottages that make up this quaint farm. There are all kinds of wildflowers, chickens, butterflies, and bees that call this place home.

Admission is free and the owner who started the farm in 2013 is a doll. There is a small store on site that sells her lavender products. The serenity of the blowing between the willow leaves makes this trip worth it.

By Kandice