New York, NY

Patterned Princess

I love New York City, there is always something to discover. After a trek through Chinatown, I found this green doorway to what I thought was an old building. Turns out that someone lives here! New York has so many nooks and crannies everywhere turn into an instant photo opt. Not to mention my patterned shorted matched the door!

Then I stroll a little bit further completely lost at this point and happen upon BANG BANG Tattoo Studios. This is THEE place to get tatted. The celebrities come here to get their ink. As an art connoisseur, I stepped in to see how much a new piece would run my pockets. The hourly rate is $400, but the work of these artists make it worth it. I'll be back.

Outfit Details:
Top: Mystic Boutique
Shorts H&M
Shoes: Rainbow Shops
Scarf: Thrifted

By Kandice