Santorini, Greece

What to Wear in Santorini

The island of Santorini is nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea along with the rest of the Greek Isle. The weather varies throughout the year so it is best to check the forecast before packing.

During my stay, in early May, I packed denim cutoff shorts, a cardigan, Printed palazzo pants, a few tanks and tees, a swimsuit and cover, as well as a beach hat. I wore my trusty Keds and sandals during the duration of my stay. I would recommend a heavier shoe if you plan on hiking or riding the ATVs around the island.

A light coat is also recommended, especially if you will be visiting the highest point of the island. Because the island is situated in the middle of the Medditeran you can expect to catch a cool breeze at night.

1. Light Jacket
2. Head/Shoulder Scarf
3. Walking Shoes
4. Swimsuit
5. Sandals (The beaches are pebbles not sand)
6. Sun Hat
7. Denim Jeans
8. Thick Strap Tank Top

By Kandice