Meadowlands, NJ

The Medowlands Summer State Fair

One day as my mother was coming to visit me she saw the sign for the New Jersey State Fair, which was set to come to town June 24th to July 9th. She was way too excited and told me to find out more information, or else. (P.S. My mother is 5 foot 1 and a thug).

So on June 28th Ma and Pop came up and we went to the fair! My father refused to go into the Petting Zoo but I put on the "BabyGirl" act and next thing I know he was feeding the camels.

I even found a side-show for my mom to go on tour with, The World's Smallest Woman. I highly recommend this fair for any families, couples, or friends. Everyone was at the fair, literally every walk of life; it felt like a safe space for individuals during a time when our country doesn't always feel unified.

By Kandice