New York, NY

Distressed Superheros

When I want to feel like a cool kid I throw on one of my favorite graphic tee shirts. This one is the Amazing Spiderman, that I bought a couple of years back but because graphic tees with grommets never really go out of style I can still wear it. (Big-ups to things that don't go away).

Summertime is the perfect time to pull out those superhero tees, with Marvel and DC comics forever releasing a new action-packed superhero movie each summer. If you are a comic geek like me you can wear a tricked out comic tee without looking too much like the art geeks. (Wait, I am an art geek)

Outfit Details:

Graphic Grommet Tee- Joyce Leslie (Similar one)
Skirt- $15.90 Forever 21
Backpack- $35.00 Urban Outfitters
Sneakers-$19.99 Rainbow Shops
Choker- Forever 21
Sunglasses- $6.99 Fantas-eyes

By Kandice