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The Best Travel Apps to Download

Traveling abroad has taught me a thing or two. The first thing is that no matter how much you prep for your trip something will come up and go wrong. To help cut down on the many things that could go wrong I have learned to at least have my digital plan ready. Below I have rounded up the best travel apps that I use just about every time I am out of the country.

Maps.Me- This map application is a lifesaver. All of the maps can be used offline, meaning you will never get lost. Just make sure to download the maps on wifi, before you go, to save your data.

Weather- This preloaded Apple app shows the weather for up to a week and a half in advance. This means you can bookmark your next destination and always be prepared.

Google Translate- This apple will single-handedly save your life. With the option to translate photos, signs, voice and text there is no language barrier to hold you back.

Pack Point- Integrated with local weather and pre-picked activities Packpoint helps you decide what makes it to your suitcase, without the hassle.

Hopper- This is like the Walmart of flight shopping. You can compare flight prices based on the dates you plug-in. The app will predict if the flight will go up or down. Note: If you see a killer deal buy it! Chances are you won't see it again.

Sky Scanner- Prior to planning your trip Skyscanner lets your monitor and pick the cheapest, fastest airline flying to that destination. This is the website I use to book most of my trips abroad. It makes everything easy to save and navigate. The app also has features like city guides, flight and travel information all in one.

By Kandice