Santorini, Greece

Eating The Greek Way

Let me just say that I had the best food experience ever in Santorini, Greece. I decided to eat like the locals ordering "The Special of the Day" or the "Morning Catch" and it was worth every bite. As a solo traveler, I can experience all of the local cuisines without the opinions of a travel companion.

While in Santorini the cost of food was very affordable and often refreshing from the poached prices of New York City. On average a meal would cost roughly $15 with a bottle of water and $20 with a glass of local wine.

Zorbes Taverna, Kamari- Grilled to perfection the "Morning Catch" from the seaside dining of the black sands of Kamari Beach. This was my first time eating a whole fish and I was pleasantly surprised by just how savory and fresh it tasted.

Oceanis Bay Hotel- A traditional Greek Breakfast served in my hotel room: Plain Greek Yogurt, Coffee, Orange Juice, Pound Cake, an Apple, Cheese, Ham, Toast, and Muffin.

Vanilla Gelato from a street vendor in Fira.

Grilled Salmon and salted Potatoes over a bed of Blanched Rice, served with a side House Salad

Mamma Mia's, Kamari- A Fresh bed of Greens with Grilled Chicken, Carrots, Fetta Cheese, Tomatoes and Crunchy Croutons from a local deli.

Mango Bar, Kamari- An amazing piece of Blackened Sea Bass over savory mashed potatoes.

Kalí Óreksi!

By Kandice