Santorini, Greece

Traveling to Santorini for only $512

I finally booked my whole trip. And I must say that Scrooge has nothing on me. I only paid $512 for my hotel and flights for my Santorini Birthday Vacation. After doing a lot of research I was able to use my credit card miles to get me to Athens, Greece leaving a remaining balance of $27 for my flight from JFK. After I booked this flight I waited for about another week to book my flight from Athens to Thira which cost me only $248 round-trip. I used my favorite app Hitlist to get alerts to super-low fares.

Travel Tip: Check out travel apps and travel communities for great deals that aren’t offered online.

For my hotel accommodations. I went on and found my hotel for another $237. I was a little worried about traveling by myself, in a taxi across the island, so I found a hotel closer than the original one. It was a small suite but close to Kamari beach and as well as restaurants shopping and historical sites. I highly recommend you check it out. 

I also wanted breakfast each morning to help cut down on any food cost. I’m very excited about the location of this hotel is so close to the airport. Reportedly a taxi will cost about €20 from the airport this will allow me to save a few dollars and time once I land.

I did call my airline, Lufthansa, to see if I could pick my seats it was an additional $48 in advance, but I was told if I can pick my seats 24 hours before my check-in, on phone or online it would be free of charge. So, I will just be waiting until check-in. Calling the airline also allowed for me to find out about the baggage policy I was told I am allowed one free checked bag and as well as one carry-on and a personal item. I can carry my personal item and my carry on bag into the cabin :). I rarely check my bag when flying because of the ridiculous fees and my fear of my bag being lost. By not checking my bag I can also save the time I would usually be waiting to pick it up. Because I am only doing a short trip I need to save all the time I can for exploring.

Travel Tip: Call the airline to find out any questions you may have. No question is too small when someone is being paid to answer them.

By Kandice