Miami, FL, USA

Destination Miami, Florida

Que the great Will Smith theme Song "Welcome to Miami", the party capital of the east coast. Miami has to be one of my favorite places to spend an action-packed weekend. The city has so much to offer but it does come with a sizable price ticket.

A few tips for enjoying your stay in Miami but not breaking the budget: Stop at the supermarket to load up on lunch food and snacks. Miami charges a 13% gratuity on most meals, so by eating out less you can save a few coins.

Flying to Fort Lauderdale airport instead of Miami International is also a quick way to save when visiting this popular destination.

Staying at one of Miami's boutique hotels in the art deco district is a way to save some money. These hotels are not located on the beach directly but usually only one block away from the golden shorelines. Our cute hotel even offered free happy hour for all its guests.

Lastly, spend time on the beach. Just taking time to relax on Miami's free beaches is a great way to meet people and save money. A few pick-up football games were going the whole time we visited, so we joined in and met some pretty cool people. Just don't forget to pack your sunblock.

By Kandice