Santorini, Greece

5 Things you must do in Santorini, Greece

Ancient Thira- The ride up this twisty-turny road is finger nail-biting but worth the scenic views and historical discovery.

Profitis Ilia- This is the highest point of the island, meaning you can see everything. The old monastery at the top is very small but compensated by the sweeping views.

Oia- This is the postcard picturesque town everyone goes to Santorini for. Here you can find luxury hotels and dining. There are even a few original Tapas to view. This is were the magical sunsets can be seen each night.

Old Town Fira- Here is the epicenter of the island. Small shops line the cobblestone streets. Churches and museums hide behind every bend. You can ride the sky car up the Caldera after taking a donkey ride down. Just hold on tight!

The Black Beaches of Kamari- Walking the black sand beaches of Kamari is the highlight of this small town. There are so many eaters and restaurants to choose from as well as art galleries and shopping.

Renting an ATV is the most efficient and easiest way to get around this magnificent island. Plus you can pop into the local supermarket to shop like a local. A driver's license is all that is needed to rent one. The key to scoring a deal is finding the rental stores that are not on the main roads! There is also a leisurely public bus that commutes between Fira- Kamari and Oia, Kamari, Fira-Airport. Fira is the middle of everything!

I flew to Santorini on a two-leg flight with Lufthansa. Flying from New York, there was a stopover in Frankfurt, Germany to Athens, Greece. I would recommend that if you have a lager layover in Athens you explore the city or countryside. A special thanks to Chase Bank for sponsoring this flight through their Sapphire Preferred points program.

By Kandice