New York, NY, USA

10 Tips for Cheap Travel

The only thing that seems to keep me from traveling around the world is the cost of getting there. It is rumored that when you live outside the USA it is so much cheaper to fly. But since I am in the good-old U.S. of A. I had to find ways to fly cheap. Here’s what I discovered:
  1. Credit Cards Miles– Most credit card companies offer reward points for new members and existing members. Call the credit card companies and compare deals. Their goal is to get your money so they will offer deals. (This is how I got to Athens, Greece for a $27 round trip!)

  2. Fly Multi Air Carriers– Most airlines will boost cheap fares in one direction. If you can find a deal that’s cheap as a one way instead of a round trip it could save you hundreds.

  3. Flight Apps- Hitlist, Hopper, Hipmunk. This is self-explanatory. Download the app, get notifications and FLY!!

  4. Buy Early– Especially during peak travel periods, making reservations late in the game can cost you a lot of money. Airline ticket prices typically go up in the last two weeks before flying, so if you’re planning, try to make the call before this deadline. And if you’re traveling internationally, you’ll want to book even earlier, three to six months in advance.

  5. Buy Late– Sometimes you can buy tickets at the very last minute for a great price if the airlines have failed to fill their planes. You can find such fares at specialized sites like

  6. Delete Computer Cookies- If you think the prices are going up after you keep searching the same flight. They are! Websites track your searches to raise prices to make you think that the flights are filling up. Browse incognito windows and always close the search when you are looking the next time.

  7. Shop Around- No matter how good it sounds, you should never book the first fare you see. Start your search by checking a few of the major online travel providers such as Travelocity, TripAdvisor or Kayak. Also use price checking sites like Skyscanner, Cheapoair, and Airfare Watchdog.

  8. Use a Travel Agent– Travel agents have access to way low prices that are just not given to the public. It never hurts to see what the travel agent can do for you.

  9. Buy on a Tuesday– specifically at 3 pm Eastern Time. It’s just the best-proven time to buy.

  10. Leave on a Wednesday– This is the cheapest day to fly. This is because most people chose not to leave or return on a Wednesday making airline discount seats to fill the plane.

By Kandice